Renaissance Bob

Robert Leahy, PhD


Roof Over Love & Lust

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Danny Roarke's thirty-six year adventure through love and lust is reminiscent of Homer's Odyssey and Joyce's Ulysses. The novel begins when Danny is a college senior during the final year of the radical 1960s. He goes from college student, to professional soccer player haunted by the Vietnam War, to Cornell doctoral candidate enduring several turbulent relationships. Eventually, as a professor he develops a theory of genuine teaching at a small private university in Florida. He defends his most inspired graduate student's career when she is denied tenure, then both of their careers are sabotaged by two malcontent faculty members.

From rebellion in the "free love" Sixties, to reconciliation as his parents age and die, Danny's journey winds through his friends and extended family of brothers, their wives and children. Named for the Irish song "Danny Boy" and Daniel in the biblical lion's den, astrological implications develop as he encounters women from every zodiac sign. Danny Roarke travels America, Spain, Mexico and Ireland in search of authenticity and

The Feathered Serpent

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The Langford College Art Museum Director Margaret Anderson is murdered mysteriously in her bed, a red feather replacing her vivisected heart. Pearl, Margaret's closest friend and a psychic, experiences confusing images related to the murder. Offering to help the police, Pearl connects with the local Orlando TV news anchorman Nick Rondinaro. Nick gets her access to additional murder sites as the bizarre murders continue.

In her house in the spiritualist community of Argo, Pearl paints the images on canvas. Driven by dreams, she goes with Nick to Chichen Itza in Mexico to make sense of her dream images. They meet Mexican Professor Guillermo Vasquez who explains the astronomy and mythology of the Mayan's 2012 End Time predictions and sorcerers from the Cult of Kukulkan — The Feathered Serpent.

Pearl sees images of Michelangelo's "Last Judgment", Picasso's "Guernica", and VanGogh's "Starry Nights" connected to Mayan sacrifices and the murders. She worries about the world's future, that Christian, Muslim and Jewish prophecies fueling religious conflicts may align with the Mayan predictions to des

Authentic Educating

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In Authentic Educating, Dr. Leahy describes teaching methods that can be used in every discipline and strategies that work in classrooms from elementary to graduate school. Authentic educating integtates severesl philosophic perspectives to yield theory and practic that encourages high levels of teaching and learning in elementary through graduate school. Authentic educating helps students to understand concepts from mathematics to chemistty to music and language arts in ways that engage them cognitively and emotionally.

Authentic educative events are project-oriented and include personal and academic products. Projects entail students doing and making things guided by powerful learning tools. Personal products include: reaction papers, personal journals, concept maps, performing plays, and constructing Vee diagrams. Academic products include: essays, term papers, field journals, exams, concept maps to summarize novels and articles, panel presentations and discussions, and Vees.

The aim of this book is to create authentic relatiionshlips that resonate within the principles of democracy upon which this country was founded.

Readers can gain a deeper understanding of the teaching methods described in this book by viewing the video samples featured on the Authentic Educating YouTube link: troy the world! one great love.